all the fridas is a mindset.
 The fridas are a counterpoint to their social landscapes. Standing out is their way to adapt and melt down worlds disregarding borders. They are a celebration of their cultural experiences, their adventures, their social challenges. 
all the fridas is a craving for new faces, new voices and new stories.
They follow their guts over the patterns of their society, homeland, religion or any patriarchal rules whatsoever. They dare, question, provoke and express themselves in ways of living that feel personal, emancipated, free.
all the fridas is an ode to the young and the reckless, the honest and the fearless, the bold and the beautiful.
Questioning the norm can be beautiful and rebellious, without being radical and intrusive. Learning one's worth and owning it unapologetically does not exclude love, kindness and respect.
all the fridas started out as a project driven by curiosity and a personal desire for diversity in the current visual storytelling, created by director Dana Tomos, together with her sister, Cristina Tomos. The Romanian-born, Berlin and Stockholm-based sisters wanted to showcase and curate their idea of the beauty of rebellion. Now, the website features the original one-minute video portraits of inspiring and active friends and their stories of growth and authenticity, as well as editorial fashion films and narrative projects. 

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