Another  sweet collaboration with Electric Castle and their beautiful video team,  engaging in genuine conversations with musicians and performing artists, like we used to do with "all the fridas". A spectrum of emotions after months of being apart - deprived of live performances and social gatherings, when our artistic jobs and our personal  interactions  suddenly became illegal - united us all for ten days at a special edition taking place not only at the usual  Transylvanian castle, but also in the city.
It was a healing process and ultimately a simple reminder of how we are more alike than we are unalike. 
Thank you for sharing your thoughts
Anna Müller (HVOB), Andrei Dinescu (IMPEX), Ben Böhmer, Pantaloons, Dom Dynamite MC & Cam (Sigma), Matthew Dekay, DJ Marky, KeiyaA, Guillaume de KADEBOSTANY, Valeria Stoica, Mihai Ristea (Golan), Dimitris Topuzidis (Fran Palermo), Asaf Avidan, Edu Henriquez (Nova Materia), Am fost la munte si mi-a placut, Bruja, Roman Iagupov (Zdob si Zdub), Jurjak, Dan & Mihnea (OCS), Mano & Em Nix (The Mauskovic Dance Band), EMAA, Alina Pash, Yves & Remy (Yin Yin), Marú, Aurora, Irina Rimes, Adrian Despot (Vița de vie), Jay-Jay Johanson, Guido & Hervé (Acid Arab)

Directed by Dorin Marcu
Edited by Marieta Manolache
Interviews by Dana Tomos
Camera: Alexandru Don,  Iustin Surpanelu, Ciprian Merca, Dorel Gnatiuc, Dan Câmpean
Drone: Stanislav Cociorva
Drone Assistant: Katya Cernei
Stop motion: Adela Druta
DIT:  Gabriel Chelcea
Assistent Editor: Gabriela Manolache
Soundmix:  Cezar Enache
Cluj, 2021