One of my dearest places on Earth celebrates its 10th anniversary. For five days in the heath of the summer in the backyard of a castle in a village in Transylvania it doesn't matter where you're coming from, nor where you're going. Soul squads reunite in a feeling of freedom, safety and hope. All love and rave. 
It is always special to be part of this lovely team and engage in conversations with amazing artists with inspiring perspectives on life and art. 
Thank you,
Aime Simone, Gaye Su Akyol, Queralt Lahoz, YoungR, Han Solo, Nothing But Thieves, The Hu, Boy Harsher, Emma Ruth Rundle, Noga Erez, Pendulum, Nova Twins, Frank Carter, Yung Lean, Deki Alem, Skye Edwards & Morcheeba. 

Directed by Dorin Marcu Camera Alexandru Prepelita, Dan Campean, Dorel Gnatiuc, Dorin Marcu, Ciprian Merca, Nicu Dragan Editor Diana Radulescu Assistant Editor Ligia Prodan Drone Cristian Grecu, Dan Rotea, Katya Cernei, Mihai Arald, Oana Corobeanu, Stanislav Cociorva Assistant director Denisa Golea Assistant camera Andreea Eni, Alexandra Kovacs, Cristinel Melinte, Cosmina-Andreea Anghelache, Luca Domide VFX Adela Druta, Doru Boanca VFX assistant Robert Filip, Roberto Costoiu Photographer Luca Priscornic Color Grade Dan Campean Insta 360 Andrei Zaitiu, Sergiu Dan DIT Gabriel Chelcea, Interviews Dana Tomos
A Project by Electric Castle
Cluj, 2023