The September Issue of VOGUE ITALIA: HOPE
LAND ESCAPES is about daring.
We dare to greet the sun behind the clouds,
sharpen our curiosity and leave the tangible
like children in awe of a hidden gem found in a nearby meadow.
- And enthusiasm is hope - 
We dare to reach for unknown adventures, 
stand in stillness and find ourselves in happiness. 
- And wanting to see it all is hope - 
Let the sun kiss us, let the wind touch our cheeks. 
Escape the land of definite in hopeful curiosity. Give a promise never to get bored of the playground that nature provides.
With this picture in mind, model Lou Schoof and upcoming film director Dana Tomos shaped four films that take the viewers to the fields, the sea, the forrest, the familiar and foreign, along with Lou who filmed and recorded herself in the landscapes of northern Germany, her home and place of origin. The collaboration attempts to reconnect parts of society with the raw beauty that nature provides. 
in hope, 2020

Idea and concept: Lou Schoof and Dana Tomos
Model: Lou Schoof
Cinematography, voice over: Lou Schoof 
Editing: Dana Tomos
Soundtrack: Christopher Nell
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