performed by MARIA DRAGUS 
words by ODA JAUNE
cello played by JOSEF DRAGUS
filmed and edited by DANA TOMOS
Berlin, 2017
Mesmerising actress Maria Dragus was an 'all the fridas' inspiration since the very beginning. Actually, the primary idea of this project has its roots in the first screen tests she and Dana did together in 2014, inspired by Andy Warhol with our personal twist. There was no concept of the current project yet, but an accidental discovery of a new form of portraiture, very much spontaneous and in the moment. Ever since, they shoot a screen test every year, simply as a pure form of documenting a face in a moment, a different kind of visit card of an actor beside the showreel. For a director, that's the most genuine and real glimpse one can take at his actors. There was something about this evening in December before Maria's Berlin premiere of 'Mademoiselle Paradis' (r. Barbara Albert), a moment that was so beautiful and we wanted to translate. So we invited Maria's brother, cellist Josef Dragus, and fearless artist and inspiration Oda Jaune to add their personal touch and enrich this poetic moment. This is the result.
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